Company History and Background

V&R Electrical Services is a family-owned business founded in 2004 by Viliam and Renata Lang. With over 19 years of experience in the industry, V&R Electrical Services has built a strong reputation for providing exceptional electrical services to residential and commercial clients in the Greater Manchester area.


According to one satisfied client, "V&R Electrical Services has been my go-to for all of my electrical needs for over a decade. Their expertise and professionalism are unmatched, and they always go above and beyond to ensure the job is done right."


Over the years, V&R Electrical Services has grown from a small operation to a thriving business with a team of highly skilled electricians. As another happy customer put it, "I was impressed with the level of knowledge and skill exhibited by the V&R Electrical Services team. They were able to quickly diagnose and repair the issue, and their attention to detail was second to none."


V&R Electrical Services takes pride in providing top-notch electrical services to its clients. As one client remarked, "V&R Electrical Services truly cares about its customers. They always take the time to explain the work they are doing and answer any questions I have."

With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to customer satisfaction, V&R Electrical Services has become one of the most trusted names in the electrical services industry. As one satisfied client summed it up, "I wouldn't trust anyone else with my electrical needs. V&R Electrical Services is simply the best."


Team and Expertise

At V&R Electrical Services, our success is driven by our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the electrical industry, our team is committed to delivering exceptional service and exceeding client expectations. Don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients have to say about our team:

"The team at V&R Electrical Services is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. They demonstrated a deep understanding of our electrical needs and provided innovative solutions to meet them." 

- John, owner of ABC Furniture 

Our team consists of licensed electricians who undergo rigorous training and stay up to date with the latest advancements in electrical systems and technologies. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle projects of all sizes, from small residential repairs to large-scale commercial installations. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

Electrical Installations: We have extensive experience in installing electrical systems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our team ensures that installations are done efficiently, following all safety regulations and industry standards.

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance: We are skilled in diagnosing and repairing electrical issues promptly and effectively. Our team conducts thorough inspections and provides preventive maintenance services to keep electrical systems running smoothly.

Lighting Solutions: We specialize in designing and implementing customized lighting solutions that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any space. Whether it's ambient lighting, task lighting, or energy-efficient solutions, we have the expertise to create the perfect lighting atmosphere.

Energy Efficiency: Our team is well-versed in energy-efficient practices and can help clients reduce their energy consumption and costs. We offer energy audits, recommend energy-saving solutions, and install energy-efficient lighting and control systems.

Safety and Compliance: We prioritize safety in all our projects. Our team is knowledgeable about electrical codes and regulations, ensuring that all installations and repairs meet the highest safety standards.

Our commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of industry trends allows us to deliver the highest quality of workmanship and provide innovative solutions for our clients' electrical needs. When you choose V&R Electrical Services, you can trust that you're partnering with a team of experts dedicated to delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective electrical services.


Certifications and Licenses

At V&R Electrical Services, we pride ourselves on our commitment to professionalism, industry standards, and continuous improvement. We hold various certifications and licenses that demonstrate our expertise and dedication to delivering top-quality electrical services. Here are some of our certifications and licenses:

Electrical Contractor License - "V&R Electrical Services is a licensed electrical contractor, ensuring that our work meets all regulatory requirements and safety standards." - John D., Residential Client


Expert Electrician Certification - "The team at V&R Electrical Services consists of highly skilled professionals, including master electricians who have undergone extensive training and possess the expertise to handle complex electrical projects." - Sarah M., Commercial Client


Safety Certifications - "Safety is a top priority for V&R Electrical Services. They hold certifications in safety protocols, ensuring that all projects are executed with the utmost care and adherence to safety guidelines." - Robert T., Industrial Client


Industry Affiliations - "V&R Electrical Services is a proud member of reputable industry associations, demonstrating their commitment to staying updated with the latest technologies, best practices, and industry trends." - Lisa S., Commercial Client


Manufacturer Certifications - "V&R Electrical Services is certified by leading manufacturers, allowing them to work with and install top-quality electrical products, ensuring the longevity and performance of their installations." - Michael H., Residential Client


These certifications and licenses are a testament to our company's dedication to excellence and our ability to provide reliable and professional electrical services. We continuously invest in our team's skills and knowledge to ensure that we deliver the best solutions to our valued clients



Safety and Quality Assurance

At V&R Electrical Services, we prioritize safety and uphold the highest standards of quality assurance throughout all our projects. But don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients have to say about our commitment to safety and delivering top-notch results:


Testimonial: "V&R Electrical Services not only provided exceptional electrical solutions but also ensured the safety of our premises. Their team meticulously followed safety protocols and ensured that all installations were up to code. We were impressed by their attention to detail and dedication to maintaining a safe environment." - John Smith, project manager


Testimonial: "Safety was our utmost concern when choosing an electrical service provider for our project, and V&R Electrical Services exceeded our expectations. They conducted a thorough assessment of our site, identified potential hazards, and implemented robust safety measures. Their adherence to safety standards gave us peace of mind throughout the project." - Sarah Johnson, BOB Construction


Testimonial: "We appreciate V&R Electrical Services' unwavering commitment to quality assurance. Their team utilized high-quality materials and ensured that every aspect of the project met or exceeded industry standards. The final result was not only visually impressive but also reliable and durable. We highly recommend their services for anyone seeking top-notch quality." - David Thompson, Homeowner


At V&R Electrical Services, safety is non-negotiable. We strictly adhere to all applicable safety regulations and guidelines to protect our clients, employees, and the surrounding environment. Our experienced team undergoes regular training to stay updated on the latest safety practices and procedures.


To guarantee the highest quality of work, we source materials from trusted suppliers and employ skilled electricians who are well-versed in industry best practices. Our quality assurance process includes thorough inspections, rigorous testing, and attention to detail at every stage of the project.


We take pride in our track record of completing projects on time, within budget, and with an unwavering commitment to safety and quality. When you choose V&R Electrical Services, you can trust that your project will be executed with precision, professionalism, and a paramount focus on safety and excellence.


Community Involvement

At V&R Electrical Services, we believe in making a positive impact in the communities we serve. We are committed to giving back and actively participating in various community initiatives. Here's what our clients have to say about our community involvement:


Testimonial: "I was impressed by V&R Electrical Services' dedication to community involvement. They sponsored a local youth sports team and provided financial support for their equipment and uniforms. It's great to see a company that cares about the development and well-being of our youth." - John S.


Testimonial: "V&R Electrical Services goes above and beyond to support local charitable organizations. They have volunteered their time and resources to help renovate community centers, schools, and shelters. Their commitment to making a difference is truly admirable." - Lisa M.


Testimonial: "I had the pleasure of working with V&R Electrical Services on a community-driven project. They offered their expertise and assistance to install electrical systems in a community garden. Their contribution helped create a safe and well-lit environment for everyone to enjoy. They genuinely care about the communities they serve." - David R.


We understand that our success is intertwined with the well-being of our community. By actively participating in community initiatives, we aim to create a positive and lasting impact. Whether it's through sponsorship, volunteer work, or supporting local projects, we strive to make a difference beyond our professional services.


At V&R Electrical Services, we are proud to be a socially responsible company that invests in the betterment of our community. We will continue to seek out opportunities to contribute, support, and uplift the neighbourhoods we serve. Together, we can make a difference.